Friday, October 7, 2011

en route

Take a trip with me to the Den Sorte Diamant which is translated to Black diamond library. It's quasi-offcicial nickname is a reference to its polished black granite cladding and irregular angles, complete in 1999. I was here once, and absolutely love the ambience of it. Hence, i'm back here again to complete my never ending assignments.

the favourite route with the greens

tedious uphill bridge, "sour" leg

the black structure is where we are heading to

my bikey has a cap on it ;)

cobble stone! 

entering the diamond. 

up to the reading room 

behind the glass facade

my temp work station

the live tv show


Time to crank the work up... =(
Have a great friday .


jasleo said...

I like the series of pictures you took while on the bike..very casual yet there's a lot to see in those pictures..

Anonymous said...

i am enjoying your viewpoint from the bike too. remind me of my uni days too....

btw, did you get my mail yet? :)

WaN HoE said...

haha so cool the picture from your viewpoint!! :D