I'm from Malaysia, born and raised here for 20 years before heading to Australia to further my studies. It's always said or pass around that you tend not to travel in the country where you are from but travel outwards most of the time. I do agree greatly and really not proud of it. Time, the main factor that stop me from doing so . Would really love to travel around Asia, it's considerable cheap and close to the heart.

China is my first trip "backpacking" which is considerably comfortable. I'm the second hand, i am not the one planning, not the one booking, not much paying, a follower, and a walking translator. As i speak and read mandarin. My Brother is the lead, and i've learnt the art of backpacking mainly from this trip and the Cambodia trip i did with him. Thanks to him, i am almost comfortable travelling, backpacking and handling situation.

I will try to add all of what i did and done, stayed and lived, experienced and encounter slowly. So obviously this is still under construction =) bare with me 

2007 China
2009 Egypt
2009 Cambodia
2011 South Korea
2012 Vietnam

*P/s i know Egypt is part of transcontinental country, i'll just group it here so i wouldn't need to open a new tab for it.