Saturday, October 29, 2011


It's been almost a good two months i am here in Copenhagen. and a few more months, hopefully not, i will be set sailing back to where i am from . It's been a rolling coaster ride . I'm getting used to it. By the frequency of the update you've got, you'll probably know how bad i am in juggling my uni life, my private life and also my virtual life ( I have folders of picture sorted up that should be up here! but  I've surrender myself to my laziness.

It's getting colder here in Copenhagen, and this few days, the fog came in. The fog gave this city another depth of feel, another dimension and the strong ray of sunlight that's used to be there, on a fine days are now disperse off by the ice crystal suspended in he air. No more warmth can be felt on my skin. Just a pure blur vision not knowing whats coming.

Waking up, looking out the window, the fog had my mind playing the song "A foggy day" by Michael Buble. It's a nice feeling i must admit. Even biking in the fog, it gives u another sense of feel. You started off dry and slowly the water crystal in the air, crystalise on your attire and too, your skin. It is somewhat magical.

Do you like the fog?

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epicuriousgirl said...

hey jenabi, gotcha postie today. thanks! twas a nice surprise :)

and say hi to Alice as well ;)