Saturday, October 29, 2011


It's been almost a good two months i am here in Copenhagen. and a few more months, hopefully not, i will be set sailing back to where i am from . It's been a rolling coaster ride . I'm getting used to it. By the frequency of the update you've got, you'll probably know how bad i am in juggling my uni life, my private life and also my virtual life ( I have folders of picture sorted up that should be up here! but  I've surrender myself to my laziness.

It's getting colder here in Copenhagen, and this few days, the fog came in. The fog gave this city another depth of feel, another dimension and the strong ray of sunlight that's used to be there, on a fine days are now disperse off by the ice crystal suspended in he air. No more warmth can be felt on my skin. Just a pure blur vision not knowing whats coming.

Waking up, looking out the window, the fog had my mind playing the song "A foggy day" by Michael Buble. It's a nice feeling i must admit. Even biking in the fog, it gives u another sense of feel. You started off dry and slowly the water crystal in the air, crystalise on your attire and too, your skin. It is somewhat magical.

Do you like the fog?

Friday, October 7, 2011

en route

Take a trip with me to the Den Sorte Diamant which is translated to Black diamond library. It's quasi-offcicial nickname is a reference to its polished black granite cladding and irregular angles, complete in 1999. I was here once, and absolutely love the ambience of it. Hence, i'm back here again to complete my never ending assignments.

the favourite route with the greens

tedious uphill bridge, "sour" leg

the black structure is where we are heading to

my bikey has a cap on it ;)

cobble stone! 

entering the diamond. 

up to the reading room 

behind the glass facade

my temp work station

the live tv show


Time to crank the work up... =(
Have a great friday .

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cafe Paludan

J: Where are we you going later?
M: Some random cafe sit and work i guess
J: there is this cafe in the city center pretty good
M: oh. Whats the name of it?
J: It's cafe ..... no it's my secret cafe
M: ...

so eventually i had to wait for J's class to dismiss then only allowed to go to this "secret cafe". Since the it's a secret cafe of his, yeah i have high expectation on it. Whats so special? After a meetup, we had to this place straight away which is situated right at the city center. It was clueless walking for me trying to figure out so is this it? this? nope.. This one.. ?  until i enter this cobble stone street and really familiar with the site. This is my usual hangout as it's filled with vintages shops around.

We reached, Paludan bogcafe which is translated to Paludan's book and cafe, it's a contemporary art gallery- restaurant packed with new and used books. Located right in the city amidst the Latin quarter and  the main pedestrian shopping streets (Strøget, if i didnt remember right it's pronounce as "stole" ) and appropriately, right opposite to the university main building and the university library building dating back to the 19th century.

It started it's life as a typical bookstores all according to J. then slowly developed and with a name change into a fully fledged cafe in a bookstore setting. It's established since 1895. If you want something unpretentious but just plain good, this particular cafe should be on your radar.  I just can't resists cafe/bookstore combo, am impressed about it and brought me back to the days when i am in Poland. A strong cafe latte, surrounded by all those books, - it's a match made in heaven. Great lightings for reading and doing work and free wi-fi. You always cant beat free wifi.

It's filled with people , lots of student doing their work, chilling, talking and eating. The spaces/rooms inside, sort of living rooms, the ideal for a danish style relax, perfect cosy bookshop cafe for a cold day.  There were so packed with people that it's hard to get a good choice of tables. i usually go for the window seats. i like studying human and passersby. Anyway it was a good evening with good chats. I had Cappocino (25kr)

Paludan's Book & Café 
Address: Fiolstræde 10-12
Copenhagen K

I'll go back for sure.

Monday, October 3, 2011


It's great to be back in Copenhagen. All i can say. Oslo is freaking cheap and constantly need to worry about how to get here and there it's just weird this question no longer pop up when i am in Copenhagen. Even walking down the street of Oslo, hey where are all the bikes and all?

Luckily i still managed to bike after 4 days of not doing it. Biking with one hand ftw~

The streets of Oslo, cold, quiet, lifeless and in your face. Im glad to be back to my 2nd home.

Friday, September 30, 2011

set sail

My september ends here. Presentation was over 2 hours ago, and it all went well. I hope this tedious month ends here and not continuing it throughout the whole semester. Hoping it will be much easier then so i get a chance to breathe and live life. I hope so.

Next agenda, is a study trip to Oslo, i am not anticipating the trip much for no reason. Maybe it's because the sun  and the weather throughout the weekend in Copenhagen look really promising. Nevertheless, I'll still try to enjoy it =) it would be my 2nd n 3rd experience siting on a boat for 16 hours straight. ( to and fro ). Have a great weekend.